On this page will be some useful links with regards to the 7" netbooks. More will be added as new resources become available.

Main LinksEdit

The original place where discussion of these netbooks started:

There are 55 pages (as of 07 March 2010) and still going strong. There is a lot of important/useful information, and is where the effort to get linux on the netbooks began. I recommend you read through it and contribute if you can. With a collective effort, we can achieve our goals. There are many great minds on the forum, and all are working together, so please help if you can.

The following page belongs to the user nextvolume. It has useful files, including linux for VT8500 based netbooks. Some very useful resources are included. All contents belong to nextvolume (who can be contacted on Ubuntu Forums-just follow the above link). Nextvolume has contributed a lot to the scene, and as such deserves our thanks and respect.

Recently, nextvolume has created a forum dedicated to our netbooks. It is where all current research will be posted and findings and downloads will be available. It is very new, and already there is a lot of information. It is also much more organised than the page in the ubuntu forum. If you need support with linux on the vt8500 SoC based netbooks, or would like more information, then I advise registering here. You will also find progress on linux for wm8505 based netbooks.

Other Useful LinksEdit

This is where we are trying to request the datasheet for the VT8500 SoC from VIA to help us write Linux for these machines.

Please register and join in to help support us.

This is where you can send a request to WonderMedia to request the datasheet for the WM8505/8510 SoC.


Please also submit a request to them to help our cause.

Here is a link to a rather new forum covering these netbooks; more specifically the ANKYA based netbooks.