On this page you will find some useful software/applications compatible with your netbook. You will also find installation methods and links to files. For all people who post on here please make sure you start a new section for your software and keep it organised and clear.

Instructions to install Palm Ereader on Via – ARM processor based netbook (7 inch smartbook) running Windows CE.

This type of netbook makes an excellent eReader with a good display and long battery life. Current eReader software does not readily install however an earlier version of the Palm eReader for Windows CE works well. As Microsoft Activesync does not function with most of these netbooks, software must be installed manually on the netbook as follows:

  1. Download older CE ereader software (version 2.6.2) from : Pro for PocketPC 2.6.2 (EN).zip
  1. Unzip this file to a directory that can be transferred to the netbook, typically place it on an SD card or usb drive and move it over.
  2. You should now have a directory on the netbook called eReaderPro for PocketPC 2.62 (en) with the following files:
    1. eReader.exe.ppc300.arm
    2. eReader.exe.ppc300.mips
    3. eReader.exe.ppc300.sh3
    4. readme.txt
    5. setup.exe
    6. utildll.dll.ppc300.arm
    7. utildll.dll.ppc300.mips
    8. utildll.dll.ppc300.sh3
  3. Truncate the names the and files to ereader.exe and util.dll for the processor type in your particular netbook, typically arm.
  4. Once truncated to “exe” run the appropriate eReader.exe (double click).
  5. The eReader application should now run. A help “book” should be available.
  6. When this is run the first time, a directory in “My Documents” called “Peanut Press” will be created. Place your downloaded ebooks (pdb type files) in this directory as this is where the “bookshelf” looks for content. Note that other types of files (pdf, lit) will not load.
  7. Create a shortcut to the eReader.exe file and place it on the desktop for ease of access.
  8. Palm eReader books can be downloaded from www.fictionwise.comor