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Serial portEdit

Some of the VT8500 and WM8505 boards have -on their PCB- and about in the middle of the board 4 pads. These pads a re marked 5V, tx, rx and gnd. On my machine, they provide access to the serial console of the device. One note: 'my' pad marked 5V does *not* provide 5 Volts supply voltage, but only 3.3 Volts. The tx pad carries the serial output from the device, 115200 BAUD, no parity, 8 bits, 1 stop-bit, signal levels are 0.0 .. 3.3 Volts . I've made a small pcb wih a set of level translators, so that i can actually communicate with the machine by means of this serial port. WinCE seems to have no support for the serial port; I mainly use the port to analyse the insides of the machine: the bootloader of the WM8505 is the linux-old-friend called u-boot.

A word of warning: do not put more than 3.3 Volts on the rx pin. I've seen reports of folks who have 'blasted' their CPU chip by doing so.

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